• Changing
    children hospitals for good

    We are starting soon!


    Joining forces to create hospitals of the future.

    For children and those who are fighting for their health.

  • We have established K.I.D.S.

    Children Hospital Innovators' Club

    - a Foundation that combines the know-how of large corporations

    with the innovativeness of start-ups,

    employee volunteerism with the energy of the young,
    a unique idea with the great heart of Poles.


    Together, in a smart and holistic way,
    we aim to transform

    The Children’s Memorial Health Institute
    into a hospital of the future.

  • The Children’s Memorial Health Institute

    40 years ago, millions of Poles funded the construction of the most modern children's hospital in Poland

    - The Children’s Memorial Health Institute.


    However, time does not stand still and has left its mark in the hospital building.

    And the medicine of the future can not be practiced in a place of the past.

    We want The Children’s Memorial Health Institute

    to become one of the most innovative and patient-friendly hospitals in Europe.

  • How do we help?


    Registration is in progress – fundraising will start in autumn 2019

    We are facing a huge challenge. To make our vision true we need money.
    It will be collected by engaging business, their clients and employees.
    We want to engage the youth as well, organizing events in schools and local communities.

    At the moment, we are analyzing the needs of the hospital to define the most important and impactful projects. We will present them on Facebook and LinkedIn.

    Join us and wait for the call to action!


    Engaging experts to implement changes

    We create interdisciplinary teams of specialists who share their knowledge, evaluate processes from different perspectives, help implement changes and spend our funds wisely.

    We want to combine the know-how of big corporations with the innovative approach of start-ups and the experience of The Children’s Health Institute exceptional staff.

    Already today, project teams are analyzing the needs of patients, doctors and medical staff to create the hospital of the future together.

    Do you want to get involved? Let us know!



    Hospital of the future needs high tech and high touch

    We want The Children’s Memorial Health Institute to become a center of innovation.
    Our dream is to ensure easier access to the latest diagnosis and treatment methods for small patients. We aim to provide tools for parents to make them better informed and equipped to support their children.

    Our goal is to digitize huge archives of medical records and support medical staff with the latest IT tools that make work easier, improve outcomes and patient security.

    Do you have solutions and technologies for hospitals of the future? Contact us!

  • Join the Club!

    The foundation is under registration.

    In the autumn 2019 we will publish a report
    "Children's Hospital of the Future"

    presenting our priorities and first set of actions.

    Do you want to share your ideas?

  • Our office

    The Heart, Pl. Europejski 1, Floor 38, 00-844 Warsaw, Poland